The working principle of rubber blanket Preshrinkage machine


The working principle of rubber blanket Preshrinkage machine

Today we have to pre shrinking machine manufacturers - Younai machine work principle for our detailed under the rubber blanket shrinking machine, and I hope to help you.

Rubber blanket shrinking machine working principle is: to fully wet fabric to roller 1 and 5 between the 2 heating pressure roller coated with rubber blanket, heating pressure roller into sanforizer 5 surface, the rubber blanket in 2 to 1 roller and heating pressure roller is bent 5, outer deformation the inner layer of the fabric tensile compression, elastic deformation of rubber blanket good is tightly extruded over the rubber blanket and heating pressure roller 5, side extrusion shrinkage, while drying, which reached to the contraction of the.

The above is the working principle of the rubber blanket pre shrinking machine. If you know anything else about the pre shrinking machine, welcome to Xiaobian, we will answer for you in detail.

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