Pre shrinkage combined machine


Product introduction

- suit: suitable for the wide variety of velveteen, corduroy, cotton, polyester cotton, yarn, linen fabric, has certain compatibility to other fabrics.

Good finishing effect: full, soft, clear pattern.

Control technology is advanced: electronic side axis synchronous control device, multi unit AC variable frequency speed regulation, PLC control, human-machine interface intelligent operation, touch screen intelligent control system, all parameters can be digitally displayed.

Strong security: the cloth and cloth are equipped with infrared sensors to protect the safety of the operator. Other important parts are equipped with photoelectric detection, and equipped with emergency hand pull safety protection switch.

Fabric tension is small: the tension between the units is monitored automatically, the speed ratio is synchronous, and the fabric tension is constant.

The process is good: the frequency, speed and tension temperature can be monitored on line, and the operation is strong.


Rubber blanket precontract machine

Strong Preshrinkage (up to 18%).

The whole type thickening wall board, the whole machine is rigid.

Multiple safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the workers.

The rubber blanket is electric pressing and lifting, the labor intensity is low, and the operation is convenient.

The new type of water pressure device (patent technology) completely eliminated the problem of bearing water, and greatly facilitated the operation and maintenance.

Automatic temperature control device, through the wireless transmission system, to automatically detect and control the surface temperature of the pressure shaft.

Automatic control device of the optional ratio based on the shrinkage of online setting, automatic tracking, real-time monitoring, ensure the rate constant.

The optional automatic grinding rubber blanket and dust removing device, set the amount of grinding through online, realize automatic detection, grinding, dust.


Woolen blanket finishing machine

The power cut emergency manual device ensures that the rubber blanket will not be damaged for long time due to the unexpected blackout.

The unique structural design - to ensure the pressure roller, and blanket finishing large cylinder keep dynamic synchronous stability, shrinkage.

The vertical transmission system of spiral parachute teeth is designed to reduce the area and improve the transmission efficiency.

The grinding and thickening anti deformation patent technology of stainless steel pressure, pressure roller bearing 28T above the pressure, ensure the heavy fabric from pre shrinkage

technical specifications


Service system

Provide free pre sale consultation and after-sale training service.

Manufacturers can select 2 - 3 staff to receive systematic training to our company and learn to learn.

When the equipment is installed, our company will send professional engineers and technicians to the site for guidance, installation, commissioning, on-site guidance for operators to use, maintenance, maintenance, safety and other matters needing attention.

To establish WeChat contact group, operators, maintenance technicians and our company's technical engineers, using WeChat video and pictures, provide 24 hours of difficult consultation and guide safety production.

After your application, our company provides telephone guidance within two hours, or 12 hours in the province for 24 hours outside the province to send people to solve them.

This system - one year warranty (except for man-made damage), the warranty period of maintenance, charge a cost principle.

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